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The Vinyl Ticker from May 13th 2023

US Vice President buys vinyl in a record store

During the past week the United States celebrated the „Small Business Week“. As part of this event, Vice President Kamala Harris paid a visit to a record store in Washington D.C. and even spent money on vinyl records. In an Instagram video, she is seen leaving Home Rule Records and presenting her haul to reporters, which consisted of jazz records by Charles Mingus, Roy Ayers, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Depeche Mode release best-selling vinyl in Discogs in March

Their latest album „Memento Mori“ was the best-selling release on the online platform Discogs in March. Adding to the success, the 7″ single of „Ghosts Again“ secured the 4th spot among the best-selling releases. The Smile’s live album and Lana Del Rey’s latest record claimed the number 2 and 3 spots. It’s not difficult to predict that Record Store Day releases will likely dominate the vinyl sales charts for April. You can find the complete top 25 for the month of March in an article on the blog run by Discogs.

Pearl Jam release biggest-ever rock release on Record Store Day

It has almost become a tradition in recent years for Pearl Jam to release an album on Record Store Day or Black Friday. Their 2023 release Give Way, a live album recorded during their 1998 Australia tour, has sold over 20,000 copies, making it the best-selling RSD release in the rock genre. The overall best-selling release, not surprisingly, belongs to Taylor Swift.

Record Store Day Australia: Vinyl sales up by 300 per cent

In Australia Record Store Day has led to a staggering 300 percent increase in vinyl record sales compared to the previous week. The event even surpassed the sales figures of the four days leading up to Christmas, making it the most powerful marketing tool for vinyl. For example, Landspeed Records in Canberra reported a queue of 200 meters in front of their store. The most popular release, once again, was Taylor Swift. Interestingly, the second spot was taken by Dance Mode!, the soundtrack to the australian animation series „Bluey“. The high demand for the release by The 1975 couldn’t be met as no copies made it to Australia.

Car crash damages record store in Ohio

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a record store named Everybody’s Records was damaged in a car accident. Around 10 pm a speeding car drove onto the sidewalk, knocked down a light pole and crashed into the front of the record store. Fortunately the damage was minimal, with only a few items displayed in the storefront being damaged. The record store reopened for business as usual the next morning. By the way: No one was injured in the incident. There is a surveillance camera video of the incident available on YouTube.

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