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The Vinyl Ticker from March 12th 2024

Number of record stores in UK hits 10-year high

The continuous rise in vinyl sales in recent years should’t be a surprise to anyone, and this trend is evident in the United Kingdom as well. An encouraging expression of this development is the increasing number of record stores opening. According to the Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA), a trade association, there are currently 461 record stores, which is 122 more than a decade ago.

Vinyl records back in the UK inflation basket

A second recent development in the UK highlights the growing economic importance of vinyl records, with annual sales figures consistently increasing. For the first time since 1992, vinyl records have been included in the inflation basket. The price development of a basket of goods is often used to measure inflation or deflation. Representative products are selected to reflect price changes, and items like hand sanitizers, for example, may be removed when the demand diminishes after the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vinyl records, given their significantly rising prices, appear to be deemed important enough for inflation assessment. Therefore, the currently high inflation rate should not be surprising 😉

Black Plastic record store newly opened in Dortmund

In early March, the well-known record store in Dortmund relocated, just a few meters across the street, but now offering vinyl enthusiasts nearly 600 square meters of a much larger selection to explore. After months of renovations, the store now features countless LPs, turntables, HiFi equipment, and a variety of music posters. It’s at the top of my list for my next trip to the Ruhr area.

Drangsal performs at Dodo Beach on Record Store Day

For Record Store Day, many record stores worldwide offer a diverse program. A real highlight awaits visitors at the Dodo Beach record store in Berlin, where Drangsal will perform a concert with free admission. The exact time will be announced later. The musician contributes the double A-side „Life Is A Killer“ and „Kellerparty“ as a 7″ single for RSD. Lucky individuals who manage to get a copy can have it signed in the store. An overview of events and in-store gigs should be available soon on the german Record Store Day website.

Frank Turner plays an in-store gig at Coretex

Another noteworthy in-store gig is related to Record Store Day. On March 25, Frank Turner, the ambassador for the german edition, will play an acoustic in-store gig at Coretex Records in Berlin. He will also perform the song „Girl From The Record Shop,“ which will be released as a 7″ on RSD. The principle of „first come, first served“ applies. On the same day, there will be a non-public pre-listening event, with exclusive guest list spots being raffled at the Coretex in-store gig.

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