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Vinyl of the week: Black Country, New Road - Live At Bush Hall

Vinyl of the week: Black Country, New Road – Live At Bush Hall

If I am being totally honest, I’m not a big fan of live albums. You already know the songs and only rarely do albums manage to capture the live atmosphere in a way that comes close to the concert experience. That’s why I probably only have about a dozen live albums in my record collection, half of which are from Pearl Jam – in my opinion, still the greatest live band on this planet.

On tour with completely new material

The live album by Black Country, New Road is being released after the highly acclaimed concert film „Live At Bush Hall“ which you can watch on YouTube. The album features their set from three consecutive sold out shows at the historic Bush Hall in London, which accommodates 400 attendees.

When I watched or listened to the concert film shortly after its release, I was initially surprised because I didn’t recognize any of the songs performed. The fact that singer Isaac Wood had left the band just before the release of their second album completely passed me by. Shrinking from a septet to a sextet, the remaining members decided not to perform the familiar songs but instead to write completely new material. They took these new songs on tour and played them on festival stages across Europe.

How they managed to write new songs that captivate the audience in the new band lineup in such a short period of time is truly beyond me and deserves the utmost respect. After all, Isaac Wood’s distinctive voice was not insignificant for the band’s sound. „We didn’t want to make a studio album,“ says keyboardist May Kershaw. „We specifically wrote the new pieces for live performances and thought it would be a good idea to release a performance.“

One of the most exciting bands of our time

And what can I say? The idea was actually damn good. The nine songs have a way of captivating and touching the listeners and thrilling the live audience. In many moments, it reminds me of Björk, Joanna Newsom or the early Arcade Fire. The name PJ Harvey also kept popping up in my mind while listening. It might also have to do with the fact that John Parish, a long-time collaborator of PJ Harvey, mixed the music for the live performance.

With their previously released albums already being musical revelations, Black Country, New Road solidify their status as one of the most exciting bands of our time with „Live At Bush Hall.“ I’m already looking forward to album number three.

Black Country, New Road live on tour in germany

In October, the band will come to Germany for three dates (Berlin, Hannover, Cologne) on their tour. And I’m really excited about it because, as already announced, they won’t be playing any songs from their first two albums on these evenings. After listening to „Live At Bush Hall,“ I’m certain that I will get a ticket for the show at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin. Even though I would have loved to experience the songs from their two magnificent albums live on stage, the band obviously possesses enough talent and creativity to deliver an outstanding concert experience.

Vinyl of the week available exclusively on black vinyl

If you want to add the live album to your record collection, you’ll have to settle for black vinyl. Whether at the record store or the band and label store, no other vinyl color is available.

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