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Marshall Headphones & Speakers Partner Record Store Day

Marshall is official Headphones & Speaker partner of Record Store Day in GSA

There are vinyl records or albums that are tailor-made for enjoying them via headphones. And since you still can’t listen to vinyl records on the go, good headphones are needed for music enjoyment to block out the surroundings. Annoying conversations of fellow passengers on the train, for example. In the comfort of your own living room, good speakers are of course a must-have to do justice to the great sound of vinyl.

In this context, the Record Store Day for Germany, Austria and Switzerland has now announced an exclusive partnership with Marshall. The cult brand will serve as the official ‚Headphones & Speakers Partner‘. In the near future, actions will be announced in participating record stores, which will take place not only during Record Store Day on April 20 but also throughout the year 2024.

Among other things, selected stores will be equipped with headphones and speakers from Marshall to convince customers directly at in-store listening stations of the sonic advantages. Additionally, there will be the opportunity to win Marshall Goodie Bags, which contain headphones and other products from the brand. All the details will be announced at a later date.

Marshall – influencing rock ’n‘ roll since the 1960s

Anyone who listens to music and regularly attends concerts is likely familiar with the name Marshall. The history of Marshall began in the 1960s. Many (influential) guitarists discovered the famous JTM45 amplifier back then because its sound was much richer than anything else. Marshall amplifiers and speaker cabinets are definitely part of the history of rock ’n‘ roll. However, there are also headphones and speakers for private use now. A partnership with the Record Store Day is therefore logical.

„Independent record stores are spaces where we feel safe, where new sounds and stories are shared to inspire listeners and change the music landscape“ says Peter Wijk, Marketing VP at Marshall, which now has its headquarters in Stockholm. „We are excited to bring the sounds and stories of independent record stores to life with experiences that allow music fans to explore music with all their senses.“

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